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Reloaded TV

5.09 usd

Kodi is a great piece of software, but finding the best content can be difficult and time consuming.With Reloaded TV, we do the hard work for you. Once downloaded, Reloaded TV will take you through the Kodi set up process automatically, and download our latest build for you. Whats more, whenever we update our build, just click on your app, and it will push the updates to you.
Kodi add ons come and go - thats just the way it is. However, Reloaded TV will ensure your system remains up to date. If an add on stops working, we will remove it. If a better add on comes out, it will be in our build, so you can be rest assured you will always have the latest and greatest add ons available.
Once you have bought the app, there will be no subscriptions. EVER! No ads, just hassle free streaming the way it should be.
General Disclaimer:
By using the Reloaded TV updater app, you are agreeing that the author takes no responsibility for the content or reliability of any of the addons included. The author does not host, distribute or have any control over any of the content that may be provided by any addon. It is the users responsibility to ensure the legality of use within their country.